2015 Harvest

Richberry Group celebrates 38 years of harvesting cranberries in BC
Canada’s largest cranberry grower partners with the Richmond Olympic Oval on the opening of its newest attraction, the Richmond Olympic Experience

Richmond, October 8, 2015: The Richberry Group invited media today to visit its Richmond farm to learn about and photograph the splendour of the annual cranberry harvest. One of four Richberry Group owned farms in the greater Vancouver area, Richberry’s Richmond property is the first farm to start harvesting cranberries this season. Varying in colour, shape and size, all Richberry Group cranberries that are harvested become Ocean Spray products.

“For 38 consecutive years, the Richberry Group has been harvesting cranberries for Ocean Spray”, said Richberry Group Executive Vice-­‐President of Operations, Lynn Kemper. “Our focus for the entire year is spent preparing for the cranberry harvest and during this busy time our sole focus is on ensuring that the cranberries are safely harvested and transported to Ocean Spray receiving stations for processing and shipping.”

Today, the Richberry Group also announced an important partnership with the Richmond Olympic Experience as presenting sponsor of the Richmond Olympic Oval’s Community ROX Days. From November 21st to November 24th, the Richberry Group will provide Richmond residents with an exclusive opportunity to preview the Richmond Olympic Experience.

“The Richmond Olympic Experience (ROX) will be one of North America’s most interactive sports attractions. It is destined to become a significant tourism attraction supporting our City’s tourism and economic development goals, while adding fun to our cultural landscape for residents and visitors alike,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “This project has been made possible through the support of many partners in both the private and public sectors. We’re delighted that Richberry Group, with its roots firmly in Richmond, is partnering with us by supporting the ROX’s opening celebrations for the community.”

BC residents are very fortunate to experience the cranberry harvest but there are many parts of the world where people will never have an opportunity to witness the beauty of a cranberry harvest. As a means of ensuring others can experience the beauty of the harvest, Ocean Spray partnered with Oculus Rift to create a 360 degree view of the harvest filmed right here in British Columbia.

“We are excited to provide media with the opportunity to step into the shoes of an Ocean Spray cranberry grower and experience the beauty of a cranberry harvest like never before through a visually stunning, 360 degree virtual harvest experience using the latest virtual reality technology, Oculus Rift, said Ocean Spray Kellyanne Dignan,
Senior Manager of Cooperative Communications. “This technology allows Ocean Spray to bring the beauty of the local cranberry harvest to cities around the world.”

About the Richberry Group of Companies
Richberry Group of Companies is a national agribusiness enterprise with operations in British Columbia and Quebec. The Richberry Group is operated by a diverse management team and is led by Peter Dhillon, the company’s President and CEO. As a second-­‐generation cranberry grower, Richberry Group is Canada’s largest grower-­‐owner of Ocean Spray Cranberries.