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Being one of only three fruits native to North America, the cranberry has a long history woven into the fabric of agriculture and food production with seasonal historical significance. Globally, most cranberries are grown in a handful of regions such as Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Quebec, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Chile. Until 1930, most cranberries were consumed as a fresh product during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Today, cranberries are so versatile that they can be used all year round. Their big, bold taste, endless versatility, and health benefits make them the perfect addition to any meal.

The Ocean Spray grower-owned cranberry cooperative was established in 1930. By merging their family-run operations, the farmers were able to realize economies of scale for packing, preserving, processing and marketing their fruit through innovation. Since then, Ocean Spray has grown to include more than 700 grower families all across North America and Chile producing over 650 million pounds of cranberries each year.

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